James Leaton Gray’s look at privacy

The Privacy Practice blog is written by its Director James Leaton Gray. This occasional blog will shine light onto some of the current issues in privacy, data protection and related areas.

The Death of DRIPA?

On Friday the Divisional Court has struck down section 1 of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 (DRIPA), the UK government’s latest attempt to square the circle of data retention and privacy. The effect is not immediate as the court has suspended the order until March 2016. Although that might seem a long …
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Judges or Ministers? – Who should sign the warrants in any new surveillance Bill?

So who do we trust most, politicians or lawyers? For those are the groups from whom the judges and ministers are selected and who are likely to have oversight in any new surveillance bill. I suspect if you asked the man on the Clapham Omnibus he would probably say he’d trusted neither. As I have …
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Is Privacy an industry? – Keeping it in the family

In my blog earlier this week I said that the privacy industry would have to respond to the Anderson report into state surveillance. But is there such a thing as a privacy industry? There are certainly many individuals who work in the sphere: data protection officers; lawyers; information security specialists, etc. But does that make …
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The Anderson report is published – LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

So the Anderson report is out and the Home secretary has said that a new surveillance bill will be introduced later this year. Now privacy professionals will need to get involved, but to what end? To ensure privacy is protected? I can guarantee that it won’t be, at least not to the satisfaction of some …
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