Shining light on Privacy

The Privacy Practice provides bespoke Data Protection Officer services and consultancy service in privacy and data protection.

Lead by Director James Leaton Gray, it specialises in external DPO services, In-house DPO support, Strategic Privacy Positioning, integrating privacy systems into business operations and data breach management.

The Privacy Practice

The Privacy Practice services encompasses a full range of Data Protection and privacy operations and advice. These range in scale from a full external DPO service, through operationalisation off privacy systems, to simple support of a business on a privacy issue.

Data Protection Officer service – Full external DPO services can be provided or bespoke support for an in-house DPO. Audit, training, compliance and governance are all covered.

Data Breach Management – Whether you are in the midst of a data breach or want to make sure your company has appropriate plans in place before one occurs, we can help.

Integrated Privacy Systems – We design bespoke privacy systems for your particular circumstances, or review and optimise your existing systems. Audit, training, compliance and governance are all covered.

Strategic Privacy Positioning – As Data Protection and Privacy requirements get ever more rigorous and public interest increases, we help companies use Privacy as a strategic advantage over their competitors.